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Wed, Jan. 15th, 2014, 05:43 pm
Fun in the Sun

I've been looking at American culture in a dark new light recently. This began after watching some Chomsky lectures that explain the history of America as follows. Leading up to WWI the USA was a far more socialist and democratic country with progressive, and community-minded politics dominating policy and culture in general. For Monied interests this was a threat, especially isolationist sentiment that wouldn't allow for American involvement in the war, a war that threatened business. To change public opinion, propagandists and intellectuals working on behalf of the business sector designed a campaign that basically reframed the very way we look at the world. Instead of people versus exploitive businesses, propaganda campaigns painted a different picture. It was foreigners and minorities who we need to fear. It succeeded, and this is the narrative/framework through which our present day culture views the world. And this is why I believe America is fundamentally corrupt, not just in policy. I think this manufactured dichotomy influences everything from pop culture to urban design, all of it very anti social. Compared to other countries that didn't undergo a similar campaign, the united states is a cold and inhospitable place, designed to discourage community cohesiveness for those who make less than 100k a year. So I don't think destructive policy exists in the abstract. It affects every aspect of our being.